What is ROC The Taste?

ROC The Taste is a festival which blends the best of what Rochester has to offer – great food, fabulous live music and fun. Local restaurants and vendors will offer a wide variety of food, merchandise and everything in between. We’ll be taking over Parcel 5 and surrounding streets for a fantastic weekend of summer entertainment on July 26 and 27 from 11 am to 11 pm.  We’re asking each food vendor to offer a $1 sample item between 2 and 4 ounces, plus many regular priced delectable edibles so you can truly provide your guests with a taste of what the Rochester food community has to offer. Admission to the event is FREE for festival attendees! ROC The Taste is owned and operated by Galaxy Events, a division of Galaxy Media.

Who is Galaxy Events?

Galaxy Events was created in 2002, and was originally a branding and sampling company for outside clients, owned by Galaxy Communications.  Upon the purchase of the hugely popular Taste of Syracuse Festival in 2006, the division was completely rebranded and relaunched as the major events company it is recognized as today. Galaxy Communications was actually one of the first media companies in the country to branch out from broadcasting and successfully put on local events too, while using the power of radio to promote these events. These events bring together great live music, premiere restaurants, and some of the most talented artisans that the area has to offer to create events that are dynamic and leave visitors talking for weeks to come.

Recently, Galaxy Events has produced a Wine and Chocolate Festival in Rochester, which just completed its second successful year.

Furthermore, we have expanded to other markets throughout the state, and all along the east coast because of the continued success of these core events.  In 2017, we added Big Dog Events to the Galaxy Communications family.  Big Dog Events will operate all non-New York State events while Galaxy Events will continue to own and execute our core events in New York State. Big Dog Events has big plans for growth in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida including Beer and Bacon Festivals and Wine and Chocolate Festivals, among many others.

Galaxy Events and Big Dog Events are focused on providing fun and engaging festivals to encourage people to get out and enjoy what their communities have to offer. And, despite the tremendous company growth, we will remain true to this concept. 


How Can I Participate As a Vendor?

Submit a request for a registration form. Or feel free to call us at 315-471-9597, or email us at We’re here to answer any questions you have.


What is Covered in the Registration Fee?

Your fee covers a 15x15’ space or 10x10’ space under a larger tent, electricity, ambient lighting, and a sign with your business name on it (and a menu for food vendors), plus massive amounts of advertising and social media promotion including broadcast and billboards. When you sign up and your registration is approved, we’ll provide you with an exhibitors’ manual, and answer any questions you might have.


What Isn’t Covered in the Registration Fee?

As a vendor, you will need to bring everything that goes inside the tent space. This includes tables, chairs, food, cooking and cooling equipment and your Monroe County Health Permit. Be sure to review the Monroe County Health Department requirements so you’re up to date on items such as hand washing stations. You will also need to provide a Certificate of Insurance for the City of Rochester and our naming sponsor. More on that will follow in the exhibitors’ manual. We will be working with a local rental company, if you wish to rent equipment. You may bring your own or rent from any rental company you choose.


Questions? Please call us at 315-471-9597!